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Automated Provider Contract Review

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Automated Provider Contract Review With each client implementation, hundreds, if not thousands, of provider contracts must be analyzed and input into our administrative system, Identifi SM Claims. Because manual review and configuration processes can lead to errors and delays, our in-house business analyst and data science teams developed the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Provider Contract Review Tool, which reads standard provider contracts and extracts pricing terms into a file that can be uploaded to configure Identifi Claims. THE VALUE OF OCR IN ONE RECENT CLIENT IMPLEMENTATION 2,000 Standard Contracts © 2022 Evolent Health LLC • EHS-2212506-1111 With the traditional method of contract review With our new OCR review tool * To learn more about how Evolent Health Services can help you, visit evolenthealthservices.com. HOURS FOR PROCESSING WEEKS FOR REVIEW INITIAL ACCURACY GOAL 6,000 for manual processsing, which can lead to errors and delays 52 for our team of four business analysts to manually review 50% requiring additional time for corrections and verifications 1,500 including quality control (all outputs verified) 13 for processing and review 84% Errors are used to improve the tool's accuracy and avoid future errors. 100% for accurate, on-time implementation VS VS * Includes additional FTEs

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