Evolent Cares

Evolent Cares is the overarching umbrella for all company-endorsed social impact efforts. We use our time, talents, and dollars to have a multiplier and positive effect on each other, the communities we serve and our mission.

Evolent Cares for Employees includes various benefits that support the financial, mental, physical and social well-being of our employees.

Evolent Cares ​Employee Fund

The Employee Relief Fund provides short-term assistance to help bridge the financial gap by assisting team members experiencing financial hardship. This fund is powered by gifts from fellow Evolenteers and Corporate seed. Since its launch in 2021, the program has expanded to now include hardships such as illness, death of a family member, accident, impact from a natural disaster, etc. 
To learn about eligible events and expenses, click here​.

Click Here to Apply for Assistance

Give to the Evolent Cares Employee Fund

When you make a gift to the Evolent Cares Employee Fund, your gift will have a direct and lasting impact on fellow Evolenteers, helping them recover from times of crisis or personal disaster.

Evolenteers can give directly to the fund, administered by E4E Relief, using the link below, and US-based employees have the option to give through payroll deductions in Workday.

Note: Evolent Health makes the Evolent Cares for Employees Fund available through administration by E4E Relief LLC and the Foundation for the Carolinas (FTTC). The Evolent Cares for Employees Fund is a fund within the E4E Relief portfolio, created by Evolent solely for use by Evolent employees who may be needy or distressed as a result of certain enumerated events.  Grants made from the fund are administered and paid out by E4E Relief and FTTC. The Fund may be discontinued at any time, in Evolent's discretion and donated monies will not be returned but rather donated to support other 501(c)(3) public charities that provide disaster or hardship relief assistance as selected by E4E and FTTC. Determinations of eligibility for funds are made by E4E and FTTC.​

Personal Impact Days

Personal Impact Days are quarterly accrued hours that allow employees increased flexibility to take time off for things that are most important to them. This benefit was established in 2020 to give space for individuality and to allow time off to celebrate meaningful/cultural/religious holidays that are not currently observed by Evolent. ​​To learn more, click here. 

Mental Health Resources: Lyra Health 

Lyra Health services offers an array of confidential services to help you and your loved ones meet the challenges that life, work and relationships can bring. Assistance is available 24/7 online or by phone. All Evolent Health employees, their dependents, and household members will have access to 12 coaching or therapy sessions, per person per year at no cost to you. Employees and their dependents enrolled in the CareFirst BCBS plan have access to continued therapy sessions along with access to Lyra’s medication management program from a Lyra network provider. Get started today by calling 877.230.9060 or by following the below steps:

1. Register at evolent.lyrahealth.com
2. Complete a brief wellness questionnaire to receive personalized care recommendations
3. Review high-quality coaches and therapists matched to your needs
4. Book an appointment in-person or via video as early as the next day, or tap into self-care apps

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