Day of Understanding 2023

Day of Understanding is Evolent Health's annual commitment to make room for Evolenteers to have candid conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) in order to create a more inclusive company culture.

This year’s theme is Fostering Inclusion.



Complete this culture intake form.


Based on survey results, complete the learning track assigned to you. Each track includes articles and videos that should take 15-20 minutes to complete.

gears iconThe Fundamentals of DE&I: I’m new to the space and have heard about general DE&I concepts, but I want to learn more. Start your journey here.

handshake iconBecoming an Ally: I’ve begun to understand key DE&I concepts and why they are important. I am now ready to make a positive impact on our culture. Start your journey here.

trophy iconEmerging as a Culture Champion: I am an active ally and champion of inclusion. I want to continue learning and evolving in the ever-changing DE&I space. Start your journey here.


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For more learnings, read our recent DE&I annual report and visit our DE&I SharePoint page

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